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This is a second inspiring solution on this site. I am pleased to introduce the Virtual Camera with a Privacy Protection build-in product with blur face capability. Version 1.0.0 will be available at a discount till the end of December 2021. To use this tool, you need the x64 bit products that use a camera, ie. MS Teams and a physical camera, of course. Short instruction: download ZIP file, extract or open, install, run from Desktop post-install link, enjoy! When the virtual camera is working, you have options in the System Tray to play with the camera options. For example, you may share your desktop, and once you speak, your virtual camera acts as a desktop share. Also, when you want to make lessons online, you may find it useful to mirror your camera when you show some text on paper, and it looks like in the mirrored for students so you can mirror your physical camera output. And last but not least, you may switch the blur your face option at any time, for example, on the job interview. Thanks!


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