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This is a first world-class idea product for T-SQL Ninjas, T-SQL Hackers, and T-SQL Administrators. Version 1.0.0 will be available at a discount till the end of December 2021. You need the “Client Tools SDK” feature of SQL Server 2008 R2 or above to use this tool. Make sure you installed it before buy. This is a product for Unit Testing and Performance improvements. The very often you need by Unit Test to compare old and new code, right? The product I am thinking about especially can solve the INSERT-EXEC problem when you insert to table from the output of the stored procedure. Also, it is more effective because it compares easily old output and new output and allows you to focus on changes until the new code is better. Also, by default, it is “mocking” the existing code as old until the T-SQL developer is satisfied with the new code. One more thing, it can run as UI and as PowerShell script with detailed logs for nightly tests as an example for the CI and CD automated performance tests. Important notice is that on T-SQL, you have to have enabled the Extended Events rights. Otherwise, it is not working, and tracing is only for your experiment so that anyone can use this tool simultaneously, for example, in the Development Environment. Thanks, and Enjoy!


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