iSowa.io Piotr SowaHello, many people ask meWhy did you start this company? Why at this time and your age? When all software seems to be already made. Maybe I can take care of more art in my work. Why do you believe you can succeed in such a crisis time? Why do you name the company iSowa.io once you already have a successful blog? So, I would like to share the vision behind this idea. Let me start the same as one famous American storyteller; I want to tell you that the story does not exactly happen this way, but the story is true.

Let me tell you this. Of course, no one wants to die during this pandemic time. This crisis made me rethink it was not enough time to wait. I dreamed of making my own company for years. I do not have any customer’s quires well, almost not at all. I want to try with all my skills from the last 15 years in the computer software industry. It all started about ten years ago when I was asked to leave a company I worked for too hard and burned myself out. I realized I should build something for myself and my brand by making my blog and respecting the readers. The only way was to create a blog in English because it is one of the world’s most popular languages. I work hard, and you can easily find me on the Internet on any search site. In short, my online existence is thanks to my blog passion.

This company’s main profile is not software development. It is about making excellent clean multicultural, multi-language-ready sites. I want to get the interest and find some audience for art. Now it is time to start something new, not as a dropping but as adding to my plate. If anyone needs my skills, you can find the results of all shares on GitHub, iBlog.iSowa.io, Open-Source Community, Pre-Prints, YouTube, and more do not hesitate to contact me by the contact form on this site.

There is one more thing at the end of this first post. We are passionate about AI/ML, especially GPU-accelerated object recognition and classification computation. If you are more interested in what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Piotr Sowa, Owner
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